Tracking Migraines on Mobile Devices

Innovative Approaches to Today’s Health Care Issues
There are many types and causes of migraines and they can be troublesome to identify and treat. Migraines may be induced by triggers – dietary, environmental and psychological and may be affected by many variables.

By tracking migraine episodes, triggers, and treatments, patients have more information to share with their doctors and nurses to assist in the analysis of their migraines. Tracking this data is now being done by a program developed by Ubiqi Health.

Patients can record suspected triggers online or on their mobile phone to see how they are tied to their migraine episodes. They can also record and track treatments to get a better sense of what helps most. Tracking migraines on their mobile phone is an easy way to keep track of all the variables involved.

Through Ubiqi Health’s community of patients and health professionals, patients are able to seek and discuss information to help them better manage their migraines. (Source: Ubiqi Health website

(Please note: UBIQI HEALTH is not an MMC client but is included in our series on “Innovative Approaches to Today’s Health Care Issues.)

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