• What can be done to grow your company?
  • How will you introduce your product to a new market segment or medical specialty?
  • Will your new product sufficiently meet your customer’s needs?
  • Is your company presenting a quality image to customers and investors?

We Assist You in Making Sound Business Decisions

Medical Market Consulting will evaluate your product or technology, investigate your new business opportunity and provide invaluable information that will increase your chance of success and reduce your risk of failure.

We Use The Latest Market Research Techniques

We Understand the Medical and Health Care MarketsMedical Market Consulting conducts Voice of the Customer research (VOC), gathering information from your customers (physicians, nurses and hospital personnel.) We conduct Bulletin Board Focus Groups (internet), on-line surveys, web-based conferences, one-on-one interviews and traditional focus groups. The specific technique will be determined by your research goals in order to ensure quality outcomes.

We Conduct both Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Medical Market Consulting specializes in qualitative research, contacting medical professionals to gather insights, perceptions, product knowledge, procedural applications and topical viewpoints. When a large number of respondents are required for a specific research project, MMC conducts quantitative research using on-line, web-based surveys or other appropriate modalities.

About The Company

Medical Market Consulting provides sophisticated marketing services to the medical community. For the past 25 years, we have specialized in market research, market planning, product development, strategic planning, marketing communications and new business development geared to the needs of leading medical device manufacturers, medical companies and independent medical practices.

Our clients live in a highly charged, fiercely competitive environment. It is essential that they get to market quickly and cost effectively with products that have a high probability of success. Medical Market Consulting has proven time and again to be a key business partner because:

  • We are focused exclusively on the medical and health care markets
  • We have extensive medical, clinical, and health care experience
  • Our senior management conducts all marketing activities on your behalf
  • We are capable of evaluating prototype devices in the field (simulated surgery, laboratory)
  • We work directly with surgeons, physicians, nurses, hospital and health care professionals

Our CommitmentMedical Market Consulting is a woman-owned business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

We are members of Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC), Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) and the Medical Development Group (MDG).


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