What do your customers really want?

Regardless of what specialty you are in….you need to know what your customers want and expect from you. This is particularly true in the sometimes uncertain healthcare environment. In this marketplace it is important that leaders of medical device companies understand the needs of their customers, hospitals, medical facilities, surgicenters, physician groups, GPO’s,  etc.

  • What will drive them to upgrade to your next generation product?
  • What service will set you miles apart from your competition?
  • What new technology will really excite them?

It is important that you hear from your customers (physicians, nurses, hospital administrators) to uncover their beliefs, perceptions and needs.  The insight gained from Voice of the Customer (VOC) research will help you to:

  • Position your company for future growth
  • Develop new products which meet real market needs
  • Set the direction for new business development, mergers, acquisitions

Some companies have internal market research departments which can conduct this VOC research, although most prefer to use a third-party research firm to allow for anonymity and unbiased research. 

So, what is Voice of the Customer research?

VOC research is an in-depth process of quantifying preferences, capturing expectations, values and beliefs and identifying needs. The end results of VOC research is insightful analyses and meaningful recommendations that can shape product development and direct business growth.


  • Product messaging becomes clearer when you know exactly how hospital administrators relate to the cost of your new product.
  • New products become successes when they meet a market need.
  • Services are valued when the nursing staff has input.

Voice of the Customer research allows you to be in tune with your customer’s needs, whether it be service, sales support or new product designs.

Voice of the Customer research identifies needs and highlights opportunities.



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