Medical Market Consulting offers a wide range of marketing services to meet your many business challenges and opportunities.

Market Research and Analysis

  • Assess Market Need
  • Define Target Market
  • Investigate Market Conditions
  • Determine Barriers to Market Entrance
  • Quantify Market Potential, Market Mix
  • Investigate Competition

Market or Strategic Planning

  • Research New and Emerging Technologies
  • Investigate New Markets
  • Position Against Competitive Products’
  • Establish the Value Proposition for Stakeholders
  • Determine Market Positioning
  • Generate a Marketing Strategy
  • Develop a Strategic Business Plan

Competitive Analysis

  • Gain Competitive Intelligence
  • Identify Competitive Companies
  • Investigate Competing Technologies
  • Research Competitive Product Positioning
  • Identify Competitor Goals and Direction

Clinical Assessment

  • Review Standard of Care versus New Technology
  • Conduct Risk and Outcomes Assessment
  • Evaluate Disruptive Technologies from a Clinical Perspective
  • Create a Value-Based Purchasing Approach
  • Develop Sales & Distribution Networks
  • Initiate Optimum Sales Strategies
  • Develop In-Service Programs

Product Developement

  • Discover Customer Unmet Needs
  • Verify Product Design Requirements
  • Validate Product Concepts or Prototypes
  • Evaluate Product Viability in a Heath Care Setting
  • Conduct In-Hospital or In-Surgery Product User Testing
  • Perform Procedural Relevance Testing
  • Generate Product Design Requirements

Product Commercialization

  • Develop Product Messaging and Positioning Statements
  • Conduct Product Pricing Research
  • Perform Sales and Distribution Analysis
  • Generate a Product Launch Plan
  • Develop Advertising and Promotional Plans
  • Establish Action Items for Product Commercialization

Corporate Image Assessment

  • Investigate the Company’s Image in the Marketplace
  • Conduct a Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Identify Customer’s Perceptions of Your Company and Your Competitors
  • Uncover Product and Service Improvements Desired by Customers
  • Develop a Corporate Image Campaign

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