INNOVATION: Patient Care in the Future

Intermountain Healthcare’s Transformation Lab is researching and developing new ideas to improve and optimize patient care. Some of the Lab projects already underway include the following:

  • Patient Hospital Room in the Future – Advanced interactive technologies will be used to improve medical outcomes and comfort for patients. Monitoring of patients’ vital signs (heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, oxygenation level, respiration, and temperature) will be done without being tethered to wires. The hospital room also has the ability to be personalized to each patient, with light, sound, entertainment, and internet access.

  • Handwashing Sensor – The Lab has worked collaboratively with clinicians to develop a hand-hygiene sensor device that can be worn like a watch by hospital physicians, nurses, and other caregivers. It positively re-enforces proper hand hygiene to reduce infections.

  •  Life Detector – The Lab has developed a “Life Detector” that alerts caregivers to changes in patients’ vital signs, in or out of medical facilities. It allows patients to be more mobile when in a home healthcare setting. It is simple, non-obtrusive, and based on “real-time” care.


Intermountain Healthcare joined with founding members Xi3 and Intel, and Collaborators Dell, CenturyLink, NetApp, and Sotera Wireless to launch Healthcare Transformation Lab. The Lab is located on the campus of Intermountain Medical Center, in Murray, Utah. Their mission is to bring transformational technologies to the patient bedside quickly and more efficiently. For more information about Intermountain and the Healthcare Transformation Lab, visit The recent press release can be found at:

INNOVATION is a key to improvements in health care.
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